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Minoo Javan’s newest album, “Timeless Persian Treasures,” is devoted to an unparalled and heavenly collection of timeless, ancient Persian music and Sufi poetry joyfully sung and brilliantly played by the Lian Ensemble of virtuoso musicians on classic, Persian acoustic instruments.

When asked why she recorded her latest album, “Timeless Persian Treasures,” Minoo Javan said, “The joy of singing for me is to sing songs that touch my heart, regardless of their genre. I decided to sing these Timeless Jewels in the hope that by this renewed exposure younger and future generations of Persians may embrace a musical genre that has been treasured for centuries and is an integral part of the tapestry of our rich musical heritage.”

Minoo Javan Sings Timeless Persian Treasures

Les McCann Presents The Vocal Stylings Of Minoo Javan All That Jazz but . . . in Persian (YARE DIRIN)

Echoes of Love

Minoo Javan Sings Persian Folk Songs

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